Game Changers – Lesbians You Should Know About—features women over 50 who came out early in their lives and made significant contributions to LGBTQ Culture.

What Exactly is Game Changers?
Created as a richly designed and interactive package, the book dedicates six pages to each woman featured.  With illustrated biographies, timelines, and ‘defining moments’ written by the women themselves, the book tells the interesting stories of these dynamic women in a playful way. There are a pull-out game card which highlights ‘fun facts’ about each woman. This ‘deck’ of cards is a fun way to get people to play and interact with the women in the book.  
Who is in it?
Game Changers features a diverse cross-section of women who contributed to lesbian culture. Kate Kendell, Franco Stevens, Mariah Hanson,  Jenni Olson, Donna Hitchens, Jewelle Gomez, Page Hodel, Monica Palacios, Toni Armstrong, Marga Gomez, Judy Dlugacz, Kathy Wolfe, Kathy Belge, Cheryl Dunye and Terry Wolverton— just to name a few.
Who’s behind it?
I’m Robin Lowey, founder, curator and editor of the multi-contributor kids_robinmagazine Epochalips: Smart Lesbian Commentary for the past 6 years. I’ve published over 650 posts from 24 regular contributors including myself, and hundreds of guest writers. I’m also a graphic designer and Creative Director with many years experience in writing, publication design and printing. As a pioneering lesbian mom of two grown boys and a member of the LGBT Speakers Bureau, I feel strongly about the need for this book at this time in our history.
Where will the money go?
The money will be used for copy editing and printing an initial run of 500 books. Books will be given to donors, schools and libraries in the Bay Area.