Game Changers – Lesbians You Should Know About features women over 50 who came out early in their lives and made significant contributions to LGBTQ Culture. It’s a colorful, large format, richly-designed collection of biographies and defining moments, colorful illustrated timelines and more!

How can you get involved?  Help us get it into the public schools and libraries!

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Why This Book? Why Now?

It’s extremely important and needed for us to provide as much positive education about LGBTQ history, community, and our contributions to society, as possible. Like you, I feel strongly that history must never be altered, lost, or drowned out by those in power.

But regardless of the uncertainty of our new Presidential Administration, today’s LGBTQ youth need to know who their female heroes are, and on whose backs their newfound freedom is based upon.

I think its safe to assume that soon, in an effort to satisfy the new curriculum requirement, there will be a poster of Harvey Milk in most California classrooms. With all due respect to history, while Milk helped make real changes to the civil rights laws, there are also specific women who provided cultural contributions that allowed our community to THRIVE.  I will feature many key women who (not unlike recent Presidential Medal of Freedom award winner Ellen DeGeneres) came out early in their lives and forged a path specifically for the future of lesbian culture. We need to celebrate our history, and more importantly, let it be more widely known for the sake of our community, our kids and our grandkids.

How You Can Help (It’s EASY!) 

Let’s Make our Lesbian Legacy Stronger than Ever! I want to seize the moment and build a legacy to continue and provide a rich library of resources for the next generation. My goal is to get this book into the hands of many young adults in the Bay Area as the FAIR Act is implemented in the public school curriculum by 2017. My long-range goal is to find a publisher to get this book in the hands of EVERY public school student in California, and continue to create several more volumes featuring many other important women. You can be a part of creating this historical legacy!

Books will be gifted to YOU, our donors, as well as over 150 public schools in the Bay Area.

What Exactly is Game Changers?

Created as a richly-designed interactive package, this large format book will dedicate six pages to each woman featured. There will also be a pull-out Game Card which highlights ‘fun facts’ about each woman. This deck of cards is a fun way to get people to play and interact with the women in the book.

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